When a Non-believer Prays…

The first 8 years of our marriage was okay, nothing special.  Jerry and I agreed to disagree on the topic of Jesus.  And basically religion as a whole.  He truly believed that he himself was responsible for whatever we had.  I always knew it came from God.  Sure, we worked, got a paycheck, and bought food and other things we needed.  But our health, work ethic, and basic knowledge came from God’s grace.  So we agreed to disagree.  We had a huge amount of respect for each other and he never commented when I prayed and I never commented when he didn’t.

So it was around that 8 to 9 year mark when he started telling me that some of the things from the Bible (such as creation in 6 days, Adam and Eve, the flood in Noah’s time) just weren’t scientifically possible.  I refused to even listen to his reasoning because, in my opinion, he wasn’t entitled to an opinion about something he had no knowledge of.  He’d never been to church, heard the gospel preached, or read the Bible.  So in order to ‘prove me wrong’ in my beliefs, my very stubborn husband started reading the Bible, English, NIV.  (This was how he learned to read English.)

About that time, our oldest daughter (about 5 years old) began having severe migraines and sleep problems.  Every night we’d put her to bed and wait for a couple of hours because we knew she’d wake up screaming.  Night after night one or both of us would go and try to sooth her.  Then one night Jerry went by himself and that was the last night she had migraines.  She hasn’t woken up screaming since, and that was over 10 years ago.

Turns out, that night, Jerry decided to talk to this God he had been reading about.  For the first time in his life… he prayed.

That’s why I’m here…to offer encouragement to those who are in an unusual relationship with differing backgrounds.  We actually didn’t have too much in common.  But God put us together for a reason and the God we serve is so much bigger than our differences.










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